About Me

S M A Hamza Founder of Get All Thinks The Blogger Web page, And Also Web Design & Development & SEO Expert, He is Always Try to Do Something Unique Thinks, For Getting More Information you Can Search on Google.


I Have Designed Two Websites in my Career and Have been Developing a Little bit More Completely, and I Have Worked on a Few More Websites,
I don't think it's Worth Mentioning here because I haven't finished them yet, You can go to the portfolio and see.


I don't Really Have much to Say About videos Because, I Don't try to Make videos Professionally, I just Have a YouTube Account just for fun and Sometimes I Edit videos of Games and Upload Them to my Channel if you Want, You Can see it by Clicking on the icon Above.


I Don't Have a Chance to say Whether it Feels too Good or Too Bad to Take Pictures, I Don't Really go Anywhere Like that For Work, But When I go out With my Friends, I Never Miss to Take Some of the Moments When I do Funny Tricks, This is Me S M A Hamza.

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I can make your website the way you want it to be, I have already completed 2 websites, you can go to my portfolio and see, I am able to do everything from buying your website domain to working on the website.


I'm an SEO expert, I can research your website keywords and rank above your keywords in 1 month, and I know how to keep my clients happy in return for work.

Content Creation

I know how to rank a website with SEO friendly content, I have over 6 months experience in content writing, it can be any type of website, such as ecommerce, service, business personal etc.